May 11, 2015

Prince Conference Center, Calvin College

Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference is an annual conference dedicated to building and enhancing the software industry in the region. The conference brings hundreds of software professionals and business leaders together for a day of learning and networking.

2015 Featured Speakers

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsinio

Designer & Entrepreneur

Alexandra is an interaction designer, product designer, entrepreneur & international speaker based in London. Since 2006, she has built consumer¬≠facing internet of things products, services and communities for clients such as BBC R&D,Nokia, British Gas, EDF, British Telecom.


Jeff Hackert

Dir. of Engineering Development, Chef

Jeff has worked with a diverse range of companies from Nextel, to Red Bull, to Riot Games helping teams to deliver software and infrastructure at scale. He has been hooking things up to the internet since the early 90s ranging from some of the earliest web based reporting systems, to millions of Java enabled handsets, to the deployment of several thousand game servers at Riot. 

Pete Brown

Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

Pete is a Principal Program Manager in the Engineering Engagement and Evangelism team at Microsoft. He focuses on .NET and XAML, IoT client technology, makers and enthusiasts, and apps and technology for musicians and pro audio. Pete spends much of his time making things that make music, or blink LEDs, and helping people create great apps and devices for Windows.

GLSEC 2015

The new world of interconnected devices is referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT) and it is already changing the software landscape. The IoT will impact  health care, government, education, finance and transportation.  The potential for the consumer market is nearly endless. 

This conference will focus on how industry leaders are already embracing this growing ecosystem and how attendees can leverage the Internet of Things within their own companies and skill sets.