GLSEC 2018

Security / Privacy

The theme of our conference this year is "Security / Privacy".  Join us and learn from industry leaders about new practices, strategies and technologies to help keep your company's data and systems safe and secure.

April 30, 2018 | Eberhard Center, Grand Rapids, MI

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Registration is open

$275 general registration

$35 student registration (limited number of tickets!)

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Confirmed GLSEC18 Speakers

Aaron Bedra.png

Aaron Bedra

Chief Scientist, Jemurai

Aaron Bedra is Chief Scientist at Jemurai, where he works at the intersection of software, security, and business.

He has served as a Chief Security Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and Principal Engineer/Architect. He has worked professionally on programming languages, most notably Clojure and ClojureScript.

Aaron is the creator of Repsheet, an open source threat intelligence toolkit. He is the co-author of Programming Clojure, 2nd and 3rd Edition and a contributor to Functional Programming: A PragPub Anthology.

Tamara Shoemaker.jpg

Tamara Shoemaker

CoFounder, Midwest MCISSE Chapter

Tamara Shoemaker began her professional career as Lead Investigator and owner of Quest Private Investigations. After twelve years in the Criminal Justice world she brought those talents to the Center for Cyber Security and Intelligence Studies at the University of Detroit Mercy. An accomplished investigator and entrepreneur, Tamara handles all aspects of running the Center, coordinating all interactions with state and federal agencies, as well as international, educational and business contacts for the Center. She is also the Operations Manager for the national Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education (CISSE) and Vice President of the Michigan Midwest Regional Chapter of CISSE (MCISSE). 

As a founding Board Member of the Midwest CISSE Chapter, she has helped form partnerships with schools and industry, across the region.  She and her husband Dr. Daniel Shoemaker travel extensively spreading awareness of the work that the UDM Center has carried out  in the area of Cyber Security Education for such entities as the Department of Defense. Her primary mission has been to address the critical shortage of specifically educated and trained Cyber Security professionals.

Tamara Shoemaker has become an evangelist for the CyberPatriot Program, founding the Michigan CyberPatriot program to grow the number of teams participating across Michigan.    In October MCISSE was honored to become the 12th Center of Academic Excellence with the National CyberPatriot program for the work Tamara spearheaded. In April MEDC partnered with UDM on this project and funded two summer camps and team registrations across Michigan.    It is her hope to have CyberPatriot camps across the state and to make sure that every school that wants to participate in this amazing program will receive the support she and her amazing group of volunteers can provide.

Gary Coburn copy.png

Gary Coburn

Cloud Engineer, Google

Gary is a Cloud Engineer for Google with almost 2 decades of experience in helping industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and insurance, with innovation through automation and cloud solutions. 

After spending 8+ years as a thought leader at Whirlpool (a global manufacturing company) he moved on to consult with many global companies while at VMware. His expertise in automation and virtualization/cloud solutions has proved to give those organizations a better level of service to their business through technology. 

This experience has opened up many unique speaking opportunities at global conferences and has brought a blog following for fun enablement of the different technologies.